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Published On June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018

For all those new the San Diego area, the Waterfront Park is one of the most exciting waterfront open spaces in the entire city. Full of many amenities and special features, the Waterfront Park in San Diego is a fantastic attraction to visit for a fun water-filled adventure for persons of all ages. Expanding across 12 acres, this park is a popular place to host events or simply to enjoy the summer.

About Waterfront Park
The Waterfront Park is known best for featuring interactive water fountains. These fountains come in all shapes and sizes, the largest expanding across 830 feet in length. This fountain has 31 water jets that can spray water up to 14 feet into the air. These fountains are popular places for guests to cool off during the summer heat. This fountain offers a gorgeous view of the gardens and play areas within the park.

The native plant gardens and picnicking areas are fantastic places within the park to relax and take in the scenery within Waterfront Park. The play areas, which are newly constructed, feature jungle gyms and many other structures that are bound to make any child, or child at heart, never want to leave. With all of these commodities, there is something for everyone at the Waterfront Park.

In addition to this, events are frequently hosted within the park that are often family friendly and all-inclusive. Some upcoming events include Superhero Cinema, Full Moon Yoga, and Hullabaloo on the Waterfront. The first of these events in a cinematic showing of the first Incredibles movie. Events such as this one are often hosted within the park, and show a variety of films. Full Moon Yoga is a reoccurring yoga practice at night; other yoga events are also popular events within the park. The Hullabaloo on the Waterfront is a concert which will be hosted within the Waterfront Park on July 29th and August 26th. Weddings and private events are also frequently held within the park.

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