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Explore Aquatica San Diego
Published On July 15, 2018

July 15, 2018

San Diego is best known for being a large and festive city within California. Filled with a near countless amount of fantastic attractions and savory eateries, there are an endless amount of possibilities as to how one should spend their vacation in this lively place. For those searching for some refreshing and family-friendly fun, look no further than Aquatica San Diego.

About Aquatica San Diego
Aquatica San Diego is a water theme park which features many slides and attractions that are certain to make every visit here worthwhile. This waterpark is the largest one in the entire city of San Diego, California and offers many fun opportunities for guests of all ages.

Some of the rides and slides that are featured at the Aquatica San Diego are the Hooroo Run, the Kiwi Curl, Tassie’s Twister, and many more. The tallest of all the rides offered at this park is the Hooroo Run, which measures at eighty-feet high and allows its riders to reach up to forty-five miles per hour while descending. This ride, like many others at the park, includes multiple channels so that guests have the opportunity to race one another down the ramps. Other attractions include the Big Surf Shores, which creates wave swells up to five feet high in a 500,000-gallon pool. The Slippity Dippity cove is a small children’s area which allows kids to enjoy the park as well.

There are many places to dine within the park. Some of these eateries include the Waterstone Grill, the Island Market, the Rockwater Oasis, and many more. The Aquatic San Diego also offers an all-day dining deal, which allows guests to eat as much as they desire at one low price. More information on this deal can be found here.

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